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About Us

Technology is the thing that runs the world. All the events are tightly knit by the threads of the internet and IT. We in Irvine Observer deliver the news related to this sector of the economy. Our news articles project the real events taking place associated with technology. The technology realm is a vast one and has very small subdivisions to it. Going into the details of this field is not an easy task for an individual, and hence, we make it easier for you by collecting and publishing all the news under one shelter.

In Irvine Observer we mainly segregate news into four main categories- electronic devices, communication devices, artificial intelligence, and internet of things.  In the first two categories, articles are mainly mainstream highlighting about the newly launched gadgets and their issues. Expertise is most needed in the last two categories. Artificial intelligence is the trend of the new world, and from making a small pen to manufacturing whiskey, AI is used in all the sectors, and this sector is upgrading with each day. The highlights of the news include how the enhancement is affecting the trend setting of the world. In the internet of things, the articles mainly talk about how every single thing in this world is linked with the internet and how this technology makes the world seem so small.

We have distinguished teams for every category because ewe believes focusing on one genre will help to improve its quality. Taking up Irvine Observer from a startup to an established site was not a comfortable journey, but with the efforts of our teams and the valuable feedback of our readers, we are now closer to achieve our goals.