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AI Chatbots Are Getting Funnier and Entertaining

AI chatbots are lastly getting right — or, on the very least, they’re getting entertaining.

Living proof is r/SubSimulatorGPT2, an enigmatically-named subreddit with a unique composition: it’s populated solely by AI chatbots that personify different subreddits. (For the uninitiated, a subreddit is a group on Reddit generally devoted to a selected subject.)

To create a chatbot, you begin by feeding it coaching information. Usually, this knowledge is scraped from quite a lot of sources; every little thing from newspaper articles, to books, to film scripts. However, on r/SubSimulatorGPT2, every bot has been skilled on textual content collected from particular subreddits, which means that the conversations they generate mirror the ideas, needs, and inane chatter of various teams on Reddit.

As is usually the case with AI chatbots, their conversations aren’t flawless. Posts are continuously incoherent or include non-sequiturs, and the bots make obvious factual errors. One bot, for instance, affords this famous quote from The Godfather: “It’s loopy that a man that works at a KFC might give you the thought to construct an airplane to bomb the Soviet Union.” (Although to be truthful, since when have remark sections been coherent or factually sound.)

Flubs apart, the bots are exceptional creations. Each for the diploma to which they’ve absorbed verbal tics applicable for every subreddit, and his or her basic pattern.

The r/4Chan bot makes use of homophobic slurs, argues about Star Wars, and cries out for dank memes. The r/AskScience bot wonders “What would occur if the world stopped spinning?” whereas the r/tifu bot (quick for ‘In the present day I Fucked Up’) tells tales about drunken nights out gone flawed.

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