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Elon Musk – More Test Flights for Starhopper in Upcoming Months

SpaceX Elon Musk believes that both the Texas and Florida Starship prototype rockets being developed by the private space company will fly “in 2 to 3 months,” which is a dynamic timeline considering the planned untethered flight of its Starhopper demonstration prototype missed its goal of running this past week.

SpaceX is growing two Starship prototypes in parallel, at each its Texas and Florida facilities, in what’s sometimes referred to within the technology trade as a ‘bake-off.’ Each team develops their very own rockets independently, in an attempt to spur a way of internal competition and probably arrive at combined progress that wouldn’t be attainable with only a single team working collectively on the task.

Earlier this month, Musk acknowledged that the inaugural untethered test of its Starhopper Starship tech demo prototype would happen this past Tuesday, July 16. These plans have been derailed when a preliminary take a look at the firing of its engines resulted in a giant fireball captured on camera by many local observers. Musk later mentioned on Twitter that this was the results of a “post-test fuel leak” however added that there was no significant damage to the sub-scale Starhopper itself.

The SpaceX CEO then continued with a brand new timeline for the untethered take a look at, saying it ought to happen someday this coming week instead. That’s a required step for the company to take forward of any test flights of the other complete Starhopper prototypes.

These preliminary checks will likely be sub-orbital flights, Musk mentioned on Friday, with orbital assessments to observe some “2 to 3 months” after these first take a look at flights 2 to three months from today – so, that places the earliest orbital check flights for Starship at merely 4 to 6 months from now. Based on how Musk’s said timelines match up with actuality, you must contemplate that an extremely optimistic assessment.

Musk additionally shared some detail about how Starship will launch – it’ll use a launch structure, which is currently under construction at another site, much like Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy does today.