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Fitbits Next Version of Smartwatch Would Comprise of OLED Screen and Alexa

Fitbit said it would move to more innovative smartwatches after the Versa Lite struggled, and now we have an idea of only what it meant. Well-known leaker Evan Blass has obtained images of a future “Versa-class” smartwatch that goes past the options of the standard Versa. Most conspicuously, it will assist Amazon Alexa — you could speak to your wrist much like you can with watches from the likes of Apple and Samsung.

There additionally seems to be a change to the display. Instead of an LCD with a striking Fitbit logo underneath, there can be an OLED display with an uninterrupted curved glass floor. This would be extra visually appealing, after all, but it is also gentler on your eyes thanks to OLED’s true blacks.

There wouldn’t be many different conspicuous modifications. The most significant difference could be a Versa Lite-type single button instead of three. You’d nonetheless have a heart rate monitor, swim-ready water resistance and the Fitbit Pay assist from higher-end Versa fashions. This could be a smartwatch for individuals who want a direct alternative to the competition’s flagship smartwatches, not a budget option.

It is not clear when the new model would arrive. However, Fitbit hinted in its earnings that it expected typical promoting costs to enhance within the third quarter as a part of its strategy shift. That implies the upgraded watch could be available before the summer is over.