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Luna Display Will Still Work In macOS Catalina

macOS Catalina introduces Sidecar, an essential feature that turns the iPad right into a second display for the Mac. It is a helpful perform that works appropriately; however, it’s additionally one thing that third-party firms have been doing for several years now.

A kind of firms makes the Luna Display, a hardware-primarily based dongle that plugs into the Mac to turn the iPad right into a secondary display. In keeping with Luna Show’s founders, although Sidecar provides related linked expertise, the Luna Show is sticking around.

“We’re not going wherever,” wrote CEO Matt Ronge and Head of Product Giovanni Donelli in a blog post shared this afternoon. The two go on to clarify that whereas they’re disappointed in Apple’s resolution, they plan to proceed to cater to artistic professionals

We have lowered the last 5 years building new merchandise like Astropad and Luna Display that provides to true creative professionals. Our group has all the time doubled-down on delivering deep customization and low-latency enter.

When you have fundamental wants, Apple’s Sidecar might do the trick. However, if you’re a professional, we have constructed Luna Display to suit around your creative workflow.

We all know that inventive professionals have extremely-individualized and unique methods of working productively. Whether or not it’s essential to collaborate with several customers, or make the most of the Mac mini’s portability by setting your iPad as the first display — Luna affords the liberty and suppleness to construct a related workspace around your wants, so that you could be productive wherever.

Luna Display’s founders are additionally planning to increase to new platforms and see a “vivid future” in Windows.

The Luna Display adapter has been around because it launched as a Kickstarter challenge in 2017, and earlier than that, Astropad, an iOS and Mac app that provides Sidecar-like performance, was accessible for utilizing an iPad or iPhone as a secondary display for a Mac.

Sidecar is obtainable in macOS Catalina, and it takes only a few clicks to show an iPad right into a secondary display. Sidecar does have its limitations, although, and is only available on newer Macs from 2015/2016 and later.

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