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News Regulations in Japan Over iPhones Might Lower the Sales

In Japan, iPhones are by far the most popular smartphone with a reported 49.6% share in 2018 However, a brand new proposal by the Japanese government may significantly affect what phones Japanese consumers purchase, steering them away from the iPhone.

The regulation Hopes to finish the nation’s high mobile phone charges; the Japanese officials have decided to cap the discounts a mobile firm can give to directly 20,000 yen ($188). This could end the common practice of gradually discounting devices, which has been stated to provide individual customers “excessive benefits.”

It would additionally force carriers to drastically cut cancellation charges for customers who stop in the middle of a two-year contract.

Based on The Japan Times, Apple has launched a statement questioning the move.

“It will take away an opportunity from Japanese prospects and end in diminished competition and higher-priced handsets in the market,” Apple says in a document disclosed last week that contains public feedback from 67 firms, organizations and people.

The discount cap solely applies to new stock, and all devices 24 months or older could be allowed to be bought at a 50 % discount. If a device has been suspended, shops would be able to promote them at an 80 % low cost.

Apple products, nevertheless, usually don’t meet these situations.

In Japan, Apple sells their present era of iPhones such because the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max, but also sells the iPhone eight at a considerable low cost, as this gives users an extra choice.

Apple goes on to state that other smartphone makers produce new phones extra recurrently and discontinue the manufacturing of disliked models, which would then be able to take advantage of the precipitous discount plans allowed under the proposed legislation.