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Sony Is Crowdfunding a Wearable ‘Air Conditioner’ The Reon Pocket

Struggles with a heatwave – Sony might have a solution, if not as soon as you might like. The company’s First Flight program is crowdfunding a wearable ‘air conditioner,’ the Reon Pocket, that slips into a pouch in an exclusive t-shirt. The stealthy device would not condition the air as such. Instead, it sits on the base of your neck and uses the Peltier effect (where heat is absorbed or emitted while you pass an electrical current across a junction) to both lower your temperature by 23F or raise it by 14F, all without bulk or noise. You could put on a stuffy business outfit on a hot day and avoid looking like you’ve just stepped out of a sauna.

You have to manage the temperature by way of a mobile app manually, however, Sony hopes to ship an automatic mode using a future replace. Moreover, no, you don’t have to worry about charging it mid-day. Sony expects a full 24 hours out of a single cost, and two hours of charging using USB-C should be sufficient to help you courageous unforgiving conditions.

Availability, as you might need to be surmised, is the real matter. The Reon Pocket was near being funded as we wrote this, but it surely’s solely expected to ship in March 2020 — and that is just for Japan. It’s going to be excellent for Tokyo 2020 attendees, however not folks roasting here in summer 2019. At least the pricing is not utterly bizarre. The device begins at ¥12,760 (about $117), or low sufficient that it may pay for itself by keeping your attire dry.