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Strange Motorola Patent to Track People Who Switch Phones Frequently

A Motorola Solutions patent application posted on July 4 lays out a way for tracking and identifying customers who regularly change their mobile gadgets.  Well, that will be as a result of people who use more than an unspecified number of phones are “potential criminals” — at the least according to Motorola.

“During operation, a server constantly receives facial recognition data for people together with device IDs detected on the time the facial recognition data was obtained,” reads the appliance. “Devices associated with the person are determined. This course is repeated, and a determination is made as to whether the gadgets related to the person have changed.”

Simply in case anyone was in any way confused, the application adds that person that incessantly modifications devices shall be identified as suspicious.”

Whereas it stands to reason that these as much as no good may switch phones regularly to avoid being tracked, so would possibly journalists, human rights workers, or members of various at-risk communities. Creating technology meant to trace and establish these individuals raises numerous privacy questions this patent application makes no critical attempt at addressing.

Motorola Solutions — a successor to Motorola, Inc. that provides “mission-important communication services for enterprise and government customers” and differs from Motorola Mobility, which manufactures cellphones — in a try to find out its motivation for pursuing such a patent, however, received no response as of press time.

To be clear, as defined within the patent application, this isn’t a small on-device setting that might be toggled off by privacy-conscious individuals. Motorola Solutions is proposing a large-scale surveillance community that doubtlessly tracks everybody in a city.

The patent utility is suggesting a solution to affiliate every individual’s face with a novel mobile device. On this scenario, it would not matter in case you purchased your phone in cash and load minutes onto a SIM card with cash. Motorola Solutions would have your face pegged to the smartphone through facial recognition techniques and different assorted monitoring tech unfold throughout the town.