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The Motorola One Zoom Features 5x Hybrid Zoom with Three Color Variants

The Motorola One Zoom has surfaced again, this time showing a trio of color alternatives. This phone will feature Amazon content. However, the same hardware may even be available as the Motorola One Pro, an Android One phone. Beforehand, it is seen that the Motorola One Pro in the same three colors.

Both versions will likely be launched at IFA early next month. Which one will probably be available in shops close to you will allegedly be area-dependent (so, the two won’t compete for the same markets).

The quad-camera on the back will feature a 48MP Quad Bayer sensor and gets its name from the zoom lens. It will offer 3x optical (81mm) and 5x hybrid zoom. There may also be a 13mm ultra vast-angle camera and a depth sensor. The camera app will feature a dedicated Night mode.

The 6.2” display on the Motorola One Zoom is expected to be a 1080p+ Tremendous AMOLED panel with an in-show fingerprint reader. This makes the Zoom extra upscale than the Motion and Vision. A leak on Amazon earlier this month features the €400 price tag. That is with the Amazon content, so the One Pro may be a tad more expensive.

The phone will be geared up by a Snapdragon 675 chipset with 4GB of RAM and 128GB storage (expandable via micro SD cards). On the connectivity aspect, there’s USB-C and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

’It’s expected that the Motorola One Zoom and One Pro shall be available shortly after the announcement – the One Action took a week solely to go from unveiling to availability.